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Posture Braces

Patients are always concerned about their posture and want to “fix it”. As a chiropractor its honestly the number one question I receive in practice. Posture is a funny concept, as people often believe it's to do with standing straight up. In reality everyone has slightly different anatomy which gives some wiggle room for variances in good posture.


Rule of thumb is to have the EAM (your ear canal entry) to line up with the middle point of your deltoid (Middle of shoulder side).

So what can I do?

With so much demand and questions regarding posture, we decided to implement a posture program at Spectrum Chiropractic.

We use PostureScreen™ assessment for our patients. This assessment allows us to visualize where there are discrepancies or shifts in posture. In the office we treat joint fixations or restrictions with adjustments. We also address the soft tissue concerns of the body with instrument mobilization techniques and percussive therapy.

To further this work at home, we have introduced our PostureMedic™ posture brace.

With a developed wear protocol the posture brace helps facilitate good posture and give an external cue to the body. The gentle reminder serves to support the structural work done in the office, not serve as a replacement. Brace wear time is provided through a recommended guideline set up in our Spectrum Posture Program. We urge our patients to be diligent and wear as prescribed. Consistent wear and adherence of the posture brace give a lasting result.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Do your Stretches prior to wear every time, this is imperative to get the muscles warmed up.

  2. Place the PostureMedic™ posture brace flat open behind oneself.

  3. With both arms behind the back, grab the handles of the brace pulling it outward.

  4. Rotate your arms outward, then lift arms upwards holding the brace.

  5. Pull the brace over the shoulders symmetrically.

  6. Adjust handles around to the front of the shoulder.

  7. Wear and enjoy for the prescribed duration.

Concurrent chiropractic treatment and posture brace wear will assist you on your journey for better posture. I forgot to mention you'll feel better too.

Cam Mizeracki, DC


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