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How Can Orthotics help me?

For ages people have been wearing things on their feet. Whether it be for fashion or function, many interesting trends have emerged. The origin of orthotics for footwear began several generations ago, with healthcare providers trying to stabilize and promote good alignment in the area of concern. Chiropractors, Orthopedists and Podiatrists alike utilize orthotics for improvement in foot related concerns. Interestingly, orthotics can help support other areas of the body. When we walk on an even base, our knees start to work better and our hips too.

Furthermore, improvement in the motion of the lower extremities may also promote better spine health. When we’re walking with more comfort and support our spine isn't pulled or turned as much in an aberrant posture. In some cases, chronic low back is improved with addressing the feet through adjustments, soft tissue treatment and orthotics.

Modern orthotics are designed with comfort and longevity in mind. The synthetic materials used allow for compression and resistance to wear and tear. On a daily basis, I usually work with several active duty service people that wear boots as part of their uniform. The boots have a shallow flat insole that doesn’t give support to the heel or ball of the foot. This is most noticed when walking up and down the stairwells or corridors of the ship. Implementing the use of a supportive orthotic can drastically reduce discomfort while standing for hours. Making work less stressful and difficult.

Orthotics used in health care offices, such as ours, are tested and endorsed to provide patients with a medical grade quality result. If you're interested in orthotics or have questions about how to add them to your lifestyle, don't hesitate to ask.

Cam Mizeracki, DC


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