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Can I workout after an adjustment?

A common question that I am frequently asked is “Hey Doc, can I workout right after my adjustment?” This is a great question and the answer to this question is YES!!! One of the biggest reasons for getting an adjustment is to ensure your musculoskeletal system is in proper alignment so that your body can move properly. Patients are often concerned that working out right after their adjustment will somehow affect the adjustment. But in reality, what you will find is an overall better workout due to an increase in performance and with less pain.

Another commonly asked question is whether I am able to address various other injuries besides back pain. The answer to that is YES! I often work with patients hands, knees and foot complaints such as tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, trigger finger, knee pain and other various muscle sprain/strains and tendonitis.


My chiropractic practice incorporates a soft tissue technique called “Graston Technique.” This technique will break up scar tissue that has formed in muscle ligaments and tendons which will allow them to move in their proper form without dysfunction or a lack of range of motion. So where does this scar tissue come from, you ask? Scar tissue occurs when past injuries such as an old sprain/strain are left untreated, but can also occur due to overuse as well. When scar tissue forms and left untreated, the muscles will not function properly and eventually will begin to tighten up causing you a decrease in your ROM and an increase pain.

If you have been living with a nagging or persistent pain, or perhaps you feel like you are not reaching your athletic goals, then please schedule an appointment with me. I am absolutely confident we can get you to your optimal health and help you reach your athletic goals faster.

Angel Ochoa-Rea, DC

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