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Cold Laser

Lasers have been used for over 40 years to treat various conditions. The laser we use is called “Cold laser” which is a class 3b low level laser therapy (LLLT), emitting red (637nm) and Infrared (808nm) wavelengths of light. These wavelengths are strong enough to penetrate soft tissues and stimulate biomarkers within the mitochondria of your cells. Metabolism is stimulated which contributes to the healing and growth process.

This means that this laser can help increase the function of our existing cells, and as a result helps speed up healing process.

What can Cold Laser Help with?

Cold laser has been used by chiropractors and other physicians to help assist in healing and recovery. In our practice, we use cold laser therapy to promote healing of associated musculoskeletal conditions.

What can Cold Laser Help with?

-Chronic Back Pain

-Carpal Tunnel Pain


-Knee Pain

-Ligament Sprain

-Muscle Strain


-Plantar Fasciitis

-Post-operative Pain


-Scar Tissue

-Sports Injuries

...and Many more

What makes it 'Cold'?

Class 3b lasers emit enough energy to penetrate soft tissues without burning or heating tissue up. These lasers are less powerful than lasers used to treat skin conditions or for laser eye surgery.


The painless cold laser treatment promotes healing in the region of concern but helps diminish the symptoms of inflammation or pain. The tissues targeted experience an analgesic (numbing) sensation and reduced pain with successive treatments. The short treatment times make cold laser a convenient additional treatment to other soft tissue treatments.

Additionally, cold laser therapy is a great treatment for injury rehabilitation as it helps reduce swelling and inflammation.

With any treatment, consistent and consecutive care is required to maximize the result of cold laser therapy. As a result, 4 treatment sessions are required to experience the cold laser therapy. The doctor will reassess on your fourth visit to see if any additional treatments will be necessary.

Many patients will benefit from cold laser, we'd be happy to provide a consult to determine if this is as an appropriate addition to your current treatment.

Cam Mizeracki, DC


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