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Welcome to Spectrum Chiropractic, we are happy you are here.  Find a video below that describes who we are as a practice. We hope to be able to join you on your wellness journey. 

Spectrum Chiropractic, located in Hillcrest, offers compassionate Chiropractic care. Spectrum Chiropractic is inclusive of all communities, helping patients feel less pain and improving their athletic performance. 

Spectrum Chiropractic an Ochoa-Rea Chiropractic Corporation

3910 Normal Street

Suite A (Upstairs)

San Diego, CA 92103


Hours of Operation:

Monday    Closed

Tuesday 11AM-7PM

Wednesday 9AM- 5PM

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Friday 11AM-7PM

Saturday 9AM-5PM

Sunday Closed

Dr. Angel Ochoa-Rea
Preferred Gender Pronoun: He/Him
Dr. Angel - Spectrum Chiropractic Team Member

Dr. Angel is a graduate from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA with a focus on Sports Chiropractic and Wellness. He is also the founder and president of the National Gay and Lesbian Chiropractic Association and proud member of the Life Chiropractic College West Board of Regents.


Prior to receiving his Chiropractic education, Dr. Angel studied at the University of Illinois Chicago where he received a D1 tennis scholarship. Dr. Angel is certified in the Graston Technique a soft-tissue treatment that focuses on diagnosis and treatment of soft-tissue and joint injuries and adhesions.


Away from the office, Dr. Angel enjoys time with his husband and friends. You will often find him at the dog park with Maggie the family mutt, or working up a sweat on the tennis court. Dr. Angel is also an avid traveler and has visited more than 20 countries to date. His most recent trip includes a one week chiropractic mission trip to India where he spent his time providing chiropractic care to impoverished communities. 

Dr. Cam Mizeracki
Preferred Gender Pronoun: He/Him
Dr. Cam - Spectrum Chiropractic Team Member

Dr. Cam attended Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA. During school he developed an interest in working with extremities with a sports chiropractic focus. He is currently working on completing his Certified Chiropractic Extremities Practitioner (CCEP) program. Cam is certified in the IASTM Smart Tools Technique a soft-tissue treatment that focuses on diagnosis and treatment of soft-tissue and joint injuries and adhesions.


Prior to studying chiropractic, he completed his bachelors in Biological Sciences at the University of Manitoba, Fort Garry. He was very involved in promoting both science and exercise literacy in children. He has taught skating lessons and various sports over the years, and has also been a volunteer instructor for science and sports. 


Away from the office, Dr. Cam enjoys excursions and time with friends and family. You will often find him at the beach enjoying the sunshine, or rollerblading down by the marina. 

Javier Melgarejo 
Preferred Gender Pronoun: He-Him
Certified Athletic Trainer

Javier is a California native and attended California State University, Fresno to earn his BS in Kinesiology and then become a Certified Athletic Trainer. After establishing a foundation of injury care & prevention, Javier went on to expand his understanding of human movement and human performance through additional seminars and certifications.

Javier’s passion for kinesiology shows when working with people. He enjoys educating patients and providing sustainable solutions. Javier believes a body that moves well will feel well and utilizes a variety of tools to achieve that including stretching, soft tissue work such as foam rolling, posture training and corrective exercises.

Javier has utilized his approach to treat all-levels of athletes and active individuals. From custodian to lab technician, collegiate athlete to weekend warrior, military members or an active retiree.  Javier has diversified his exposure in order to refine his ability to help others manage pain, improve athletic performance, or just maintain their body.

Kayla Siegfried
Preferred Gender Pronoun: She-Her
Practice Director
Kayla - Spectrum Chiropractic Team Member

Kayla is Transplant from Texas and loves soaking up the San Diego sun. Kayla has studied at The University of Texas in Arlington and is wanting to go back to school to continue her education in communications. Kayla has worked at veterinary clinics most of her working career and has loved the change to human care world. Great communication skills are her second language and she will always greet you with a smile. Kayla loves helping people from all walks of life and enjoys volunteering when she can. In her free time, you can find her on the beach or taking on the next adventure out on the ocean.