Remember how your mom always used to tell to sit up straight or stop slouching? She was right. Correct posture is when the spine in conjunction with the muscles and ligaments have little to no strain placed on them against gravity, whether it be standing, sitting, sleeping, driving, or lifting.

First let’s discuss the basics. What is posture? Posture is simply the position our bodies are in when we are standing, sitting, lying down (sleeping), driving, or lifting. Our muscles help maintain correct posture without us consciously thinking about. When you don’t have adequate muscle strength and flexibility that is when our posture becomes noticeable. Noticeable to ourselves and noticeable to others.

Correct posture is important for a number of reasons; it keeps your bones and joints in proper alignment, if not this can put added stress on our joints which can lead to problems such as arthritis and degeneration of our discs. Having correct posture allows the spine and surrounding muscles to work efficiently, which can prevent muscle strain and fatigue. This can minimize the likelihood of injury.

How to sit in seat with proper posture:

- Keep both feet flat on the floor.

- Sit up with your back straight and shoulders back.

- Your buttock should be touching the back of your chair

- Your ears should be in line with your shoulders

- You should feel relaxed throughout your body

How to sit in car with proper posture:

-Sit up with back straight and shoulder back, with buttocks touching the bask of seat

-Raise seat so hips are level with knees

- Move Headrest to head it centered in the middle

-Adjust Lumbar Support so it fits the natural curve of low back (can use a tolled up towel)

-Hold Steering wheel at 9-3 positions

How to sleep on side with proper posture:

-Side sleepers should have a pillow where the nose is lined up with their sternum

-Make sure hips are stacked on top of one another to reduce stress in back

-Place a pillow in between knees to reduce low back stress

How to sleep on back with proper posture:

- Back sleepers should have a proper pillow where the ear is lined up with the shoulder

-Make sure hips are balanced and neutral

-Place a rolled up towel under their low back to maintain the natural curvature.

In conclusion, correct posture is important in keeping your body functioning optimally which will decrease the likelihood of injury and other problems.

If you have any questions or want to book an appointment, go online or call us at 619-300-3838

Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Ruben Montané, D.C.

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